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2015 Community Christmas Nomination Form

Community Equipping Outreach

Ministry of Community Bible Fellowship Church

Equipping Communities for Life Situations

Dear Parents/Community/Churches/Civic Organizations:

It is time for our annual Community Christmas Program. Each year here at Community Bible Fellowship Church we provide gifts for children from families that have fallen on economically hard times. Churches, civic organizations, school system personnel, and their community nominate families. We choose families from the community and purchase Christmas gifts for his/her children that are of ages New Born to 5th Grade. We need your help in selecting families for our 2015 Community Christmas Program.

Here is how you can help. We need the community to nominate families who you think deserve a helping hand during this holiday season. These families should be families that are truly experiencing economically difficulties. A Community Christmas Nomination form is attached for your convenience. We will need you to give this form to the select family/families and have them to fill it out.

Community Christmas Nomination forms can be submitted by by November 17, 2015. No Online Forms will be accepted after November 17th.  

The families will need to participate in an interview process and will be notified by November 30, 2015 when interviews will be held. After the interview process the families will be notified of their approval for help.  

Our Community Christmas Program will be held on December 20, 2015 at 10:00 A.M. during our morning worship service. The selected parents and children will have to be present to receive their gifts.

Thank you for helping us to bring joy to someone’s life. Please contact me if you need more information at 770-313-2741.


Sharon Dewberry

Community Equipping Outreach Ministry


Parent Name*

Mailing Address*

Home Phone Number*

Cell Phone NUmber*

Do you received texts on your cell phone

E-Mail Address

Do you check your e-mail*

Number of Children Ages New Born to 5th Grade*

Please Explain your financial situation and why you need assistance for Christmas

Have you applied for or have been approved for help for Christmas

Have you received help from our ministry before*

Please fill out a child form for each child that you have that is from ages Newborn to 5th Grade

Parent Name*

Child Full Name*

Child's Sex*

Child's Age*

Race for Toys or other gift matchup*

Child's Grade Level*

Does child Need PJ (Please give size)*

Does Child Need Sock (Please give size)*

Does Child Need Under Garments (Please give size)*

Does Child Need a Belt (Please give size)*

Does Child Need a Coat(Please give size)*

Does Child Need Hat & Gloves (Please give size)*

Pants Size (Please give size and state if it Youth, Children, or Ladies or Men for example M Boys or M Men)*

Shoes size (Please give size and state if it Youth, Children, or Ladies or Men for example M Boys or M Men)*

Gift Ideas*

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